1990 - Gynepark

  Living Neutral    

  Fleshy From The Wetter    

  Good Feminine Hygiene    


  Filthy Old Bitter Harridan    


Recorded February at Mingo Sound, SC
(featuring Robert Thorn)


1991 - Modern Pressure Vessel

  Blighto The Killobody    

  The Dry Fly    

  Hose of Thirst    

  Napoleon On Wheels    

  Blozomorph The Ectobody    

  Juicy Eye    


  Modern Pressure Vessel    

Recorded and mixed at On Line Audio, 
Charleston, SC March 1991
Jason Moore – keyboards on Juicy Eye 
(appears courtesy of BDR Records)


1992 - Please No Profanity


  Puffing Pioneers    

CD Compilation released in conjunction
with WUSC  90.5 FM, Columbia
and WSBF 88.1 FM Clemson


1993 - Badcat Waters

  Badcat Waters    

  Party Snout    

Produced by David Barbe & Blightobody
Recorded at Audio Art Studios in Atlanta, GA
Photos by Brian McGee


1994 - Poovy's Grove

  Fleshy From The Wetter    

  Poovy's Grove    

  Party Snout    

  The Moon Floats Overhead    


  The Puffing Pioneers    


  Tiny Like A Plum    

  A Visit To The Stables    

  Badcat Waters    

Raging Rose Records Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, NYC. 

Tracks 1,2,4,5,7,6,9 recorded July-September 1994 at Soundlab Studios, Lexington, SC, engineered by Bob Moore and Blightobody and produced by John Furr and Blightobody.

Tracks 3 and 10 recorded August 1993 at Audio Art Studios, Atlanta, GA, engineered by David Barbe, Steve and John Briglevich, and produced by David Barbe and Blightobody.

Track 6 recorded March 1992 at Sound Lab, Greensboro, NC, engineered by Thomas Rowan, produced by Thomas Rowan and Blightobody. Allen Johnson plays mandolin and clarinet.

Thanks to Rockafella's, Cumberlands, Mike Timmons at Shooter, Uncle Mingo, Big Lip, Children's Choir, Hootie and the Blowfish, Muthafist, Lay Quiet Awhile, ATL Management, ACS Sound and Lights, Abalone Vintage Guitars, USC Undergraduate Advisement Office, Living Room Wrestling, Sound Lab Studios, Parker Music, WUSC, Jam Room Studios, Manifest Records, Jack Kelehear, Bob Moore, Art Boerke, Charles Webb, Harry Conner, Brian McGee, Steve Borders, Kipp Shives, Steve Rose, Dave Alewine, Heather Lowe, Bodhi, Allen Johnson, Ed Parker, Jay Matheson, Angelo Gianni, Greg Outlaw, Tony Moreno, Danielle Howle, Jim and Linda Knorr, Mrs. Roy Ayers, Roy Ayers, Jr., Derek Roddy, Ana Askins, Reynolds Williams, John Loudermilk and our families. 


1994 - Party Snout

Restless Records International Release
in association with  NBC's Conan O' Brien Show

  Party Snout    

  Badcat Waters    


1995 - Apollo's Salvage


  Fleshy From The Wetter    


Ghostmeat Records


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