Restless, O'Brien Experience
Blight Of '94
September 10, 1994
Declarations of Independents
By Chris Morris

AND DA WINNAH IS... Blightobody
A band based in Columbia, SC has been deemed the winner of the 9th annual college band search mounted By NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien" (first mentioned by DI in the June 11 issue). The band will receive A 7-inch single-deal and maybe more from LA based indie Restless Records. Blightobody, described by Restless Marketing VP Rich Schmidt as a "harder-edged alternative rock" unit, was heralded with a performance slot on O'Brien's show Aug.19. The tune the band performed on the air, "Party Snout," was the A side of its first (pre-Restless) single, which was produced by bassist David Barbe of Sugar.

Schmidt says that no decision has been made about Blightobody's Restless 7-incher, which will be manufactured within the next two weeks and will be on the streets within six weeks. "There's so much material to choose from, we might do more than just a single, "Schmidt says. "There are 10 songs to pick from, so the A&R department is mulling it over right now. "This could be their big break, or their 15 minutes of fame," he adds. From the record label perspective, Schmidt expresses satisfaction with Restless' initial association with O'Brien. "To have that relationship with NBC is obviously beneficial to us down the line, he says. "And it was fun to see Conan say, "Restless a couple of times a week."


Buzz Section
June 1994
By Katherine Turman

Blightobody, formed in 1989 is different, to say the least. Indescribable, even. Surreal, perhaps. Their 4th release, Badcat Waters (featuring "Party Snout"), definitely defies description, but if I had to give you a comparison, how about a mellow Green Jelly at the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I think this band will have a large cult following, but whether they can take it all the way, only time will tell. They've got a good start, though, opening for the Stone Temple Pilots last summer, and they've had a lot of A&R interest.


Brian McCarter of Blightobody in an interview dated 9/14/94

"We're not really a college band, in the hip sense of the word. On the whole, we don't have anything in common with people who typically go by that label, not ideologically, not aesthetically, not personally. I think hipness is a synonym for sickness, and I'd like as far as possible to avoid that label. "

The State, Yon Lambert, November 3, 1993

"(Brian McCarter's) passion to participate in a simple, powerful and aesthetically pleasing unit called Blightobody has helped create one of Columbia's best and most talented bands."

Greenville News & Piedmont, Lynn Lucas, June 1993

"Blightobody…Has a deep bag of original songs-with the emphasis on original that defy labels or most descriptions."

Free Times, Laura Yancey, November 1993

"The songs show influences ranging from The Beatles to Peter Gabriel circa Genesis. Add Iron Maiden rhythms, Addams Family on acid lyrics, bring to a boil and the ending concoction hints of the mystery that makes a Blightobody show."

WAVF-FM,Charleston, Richard Todd, morning DJ, August 17, 1994

"Their music is quirky, surreal, indescribable even…it's no wonder they're being called the hottest College Band in America."

The Gamecock, Eric James Stamey, November 4, 1993

"Blightobody has grown immensely over the years, and at this rate, success shouldn't be far from it's hands."

Upwith Herald, William S. Bowers, September 22, 1994

"Mr. Brian McCarter's lyrical and conversational style is about what you would imagine from David Byrne, Stanley Kubrick and Daffy Duck if you beat them to a pulp and left them in a dungeon to meditate…whether Brian McCarter wants the pedestal of fame or not, he's ready for a Rolling Stone interview."

RIP Magazine, Katherine Turman, June 1994

"I think this band will have a large cult following."

Late Night with Conan O' Brien, Jim Pitt, Music Director, 1994

"We were searching for a band that was interesting, different and had a sense of humor. We felt the Blightobody video revealed these things."

WARQ DJ and club owner Art Boerke

"Some bands are original, but bad; other bands are unoriginal, but still pretty good. Blightobody is easily among the few bands that manage to be both highly original, and, well, damn good."

Conan O' Brien in an August 19th, 1994 interview with E! Entertainment Television and NBC affiliate WIS-TV, Columbia

"It's unusual to find a band with a sense of humor that can play. Blightobody gave a good performance."

Charleston's Free Time, Eddie Hogan, October 26, 1994

"Their music is the kind that makes you stop and think to yourself that you've heard it before but not in this life or at least not on this plane."

Columbia Free Times, Kevin Oliver, November 23, 1994

"They are a diehard music fan's wet dream…Poovy's Grove is the most accessible work to date for Blightobody."